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Following her own path.

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Deliberate, and at the same time clever. A stayer, taking a leader’s position for the most of her distance, with a witty self-irony telling about her adventures and is able to undertake projects of any scale, in brief – a bomb. Moves, does and with her passion brings together a bunch of enthusiasts – this is our employee of the month Simona.

Simona works in a marketing department of Armadillo, and admits that is just in the beginning of her career, but already knows what she doesn’t want to do – repetitive work is not her field. Interesting projects of Armadillo – this is the thing that can bring a sparkle to Simona’s daily routine, projects that demand new challenges and thinking three steps in advance. Simona calls herself a lightning arrester for her colleagues, friends, clients and all the other components of the world.

Our employee of the month can be described by a loud voice and thick skin, a desire to grow and develop. She doesn’t stop half way, is ready to restart her approach and adapt to new challenges, saying: “These are us individualists!”

Why Armadillo?
I couldn’t define myself as a perfectionist, but tiny details became a reason why I chose Armadillo. “I was attracted by simple things, I remember that entering the web page I couldn’t find anything I wanted to change, even line spacing was perfect and refreshing”, admits Simona, adding that this exact time she got a desire to become a part of the team and “play” along with the best.

Simona has got her previous experience in a marketing and merchandising enterprise, as well as the entertainment media since it’s first day or the moment when the video didn’t go along with the audio.

Speaking of the second part of Simona – she likes being outside, not only taking long walks, but also relaxing by the fireplace with fire roasted potatoes and a smell of smoke all around. “I am not against enjoying nature in all its fullness – how else can one understand it otherwise?”

How to cheer a January Armadillo?
If mornings start with a delicious coffee and evenings are spent enjoying delicious cheese, then the day was full with meaning and she can start the next one with a smile, that is Simona’s distinguishing sign of every day, week, month…