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If not now then when!

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„Everyone is responsible for his own luck”, I’ve thought some time ago and that’s why I’m here now – in Armadillo, to check whether that works or not.

So I am Ieva. I like being in a constant motion and do things. The „things” mean reading books, watching movies, doing various challenges, travelling and such girlish things as fashion, baking muffins, DIY beauties, unicorns and preaching girl power / conquering the world. Yes, and I do like cats and don’t like speaking about myself. :)

Just as the real Z-generation thinker, I believe that it’s very important to find your real place and do what you like, at the same time combining useful with pleasant. That’s why at the moment when I noticed Armadillo’s need for an intern, I decided to try it out, because if not now, then when?

„I have done a lot of things, and none of them was significant” – that’s how my motto could sound some time ago, but everything depends on your point of view, so currently I would rather say that I’m in search of my life stream. I’ve always admired people who knew who they wanted to become since forever, where they want to be when they „grow up”, as well as how this’ll be reached. And there are the others, just like me, whose ideas have changed a lot, starting with the first choice at the kindergarten, which, by the way, in my case was a stableman, until the very idea „well, I’ll just move to India and end somewhere”.

I have just wanted to say that the 21 century offers every youngster an enormous lot of opportunitues, and not everyone always has a precise idea of a profession or job that he wants to undertake. The positive aspect of all this is that noone will blame you if you don’t decide what you are doing for your entire life right after you turn 18. The negative side is that in this huge hurricane of opportunities and professions it’s terribly difficult to realise – what is the place where I see myself and how do I get there?

Getting back to me, I want to share how exactly I, doing different things, at last realised what I want to become and ended in Armadillo. After graduating from a secondary school (a looong time ago), I have decided that I want to become a journalist, will write just like Carrie Bradshaw and buy beautiful shoes. In the end I just got a completely different diploma and started doing things in a different way.

It seemed I had a job, but didn’t get any happiness. In between all this, I have also tried various small projects, in order not to get bored. I gave myself an advice – I need drastic changes, because this is the way of looking at things from a different side. I got an opportunity and started a year-long Bulgarian adventure that gave me a beautiful experience. At the moment when I had to return back home, I realised that it’s enough sitting and it’s time to act. I have started learning project management, because this idea has bothered me for a long time, and plan on getting acknowledged with an industry that has attracted me for a long time – advertising. So, the exact moment when I noticed an internship announcement at Armadillo, was the moment I realised – this is THE place where I want to be!

It is not a secret that Latvian youngsters, just as everywhere else in the world, have a problem called How to find your spot at the professional life? It’s not a secret that a person who does something he likes and does well achieves way better results than a person who works at the spot he doesn’t get attracted to. Taking a look at the data on youth employment, I can conclude that more than a half of the employed youngsters undertake positions not connected to their education. These and some other facts prove that finding an internship by your own initiative is the most productive way of realising how things work, getting real experience and understanding of the industry you are interested in. The opportunity provided by employers is both a way of getting one more tick in your CV or a mark at your high school, and a way of getting real knowledge, taking a sneak peek into the real daily routine of an enterprise and new skills in making your future choice. Moreover, globalisation has left an impact on all this – you don’t need to stay within one country any more, you just need to want and learn to find your best time and place.

I’ve just wanted to pay attention to the fact that doing spontaneous things is sometimes the best way to make decisions. If one wants it, he does it, and it’s important to try doing various things simultaneously, as well as remember to take risks. This is the only way of finding out what you are truly capable of and trespass your limits.

Why internship (by your own initiative) is a cool opportunity for you:

-          you have an opportunity to find the industry that interests you the most;

-          you can take a look at the daily routine of both enterprise and industry and see how things really work;

-          this is an opportunity to get real experience and skills (and in the end include that in your CV);

-          you can learn from the best, get contacts and in case of proving you’re worth it, even your future work place;

-           nice colleagues, new environment and just a good adventure!