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Rīgas Šampanietis jubilee campaign


The Armadillo team takes celebration very seriously. We celebrate birthdays, name days, and all opportunities life has given us. However, we believe you should share the joy you get from celebrating with others, so we took care of the social media communication for Rīgas Šampanietis' 70th anniversary. To put every Rīgas Šampanietis fan in a festive mood, Armadillo:

  • Created the label description of the Rīgas Šampanietis Jubilejas drink;
  • Created four historical flashback series with special anniversary design visuals;
  • Created a series of stories where, in the form of a contest, followers sent in pictures and stories from moments spent with Rīgas Šampanietis;
  • Organized various contests with valuable prizes;
  • Supplemented the Rīgas Šampanietis anniversary campaign communication with the usual posts about Rīga Prestige Cuvée and cocktail recipes.

Let everyone's beautiful moments be accompanied by a classic that makes the celebration unforgettable!